Belfius is Trumping You

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, Belfius is not a bank company.

Its logo should already have made you suspicious.

Why on earth did the founders go for the equal sign? Did they explicitly want to express they were a bank for the common people, all being equal to everyone? However some of their former clients and board members apparently were more equal than others, but that’s another story. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course that was not the reason. The founders were having some more fun, laughing at you in your face, while their real identity and purpose was hidden in plain sight.

The equal sign also means ‘stands for’ and  this is what they had in mind: Belfius stands for Belgium, Finland and the US.

The name of its predecessor already was a dead giveaway: Dexia. A stupid Belgian employee started using this spelling, yet with hindsight it was a stroke of genius. The Americans had dubbed the company ‘Deccia’. The way they pronounced it, it even almost sounded like Dexia. After all, it stood for DEC-CIA.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain the second part. It’s rather self-obvious.

The first part means ‘Destroy Eastern Communism’.

And so it also immediately becomes clear why Finland joined Belfius. It’s better to have a good neighbour than a faraway friend, but the Russian bear has not been a good neighbour lately and only president Nixon once ever had a really friendly handshake with a Red China leader.

And so, here we stand: in the heart of Europe, the US makes a stand, together with its trusted allies.

Former president Ronald Reagan would’ve been proud to patron this kind of scheme.

What will become of Belfius under president Donald Trump remains unclear for the moment. 

Don’t be surprised if the ‘bank’ starts investing in real estate. One day, Putin may find out that he’s actually leasing the Kremlin from the US. 

That will be a hard blow to his ego, I guess.



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