Free at last


When reverend Martin Luther King spoke the final words of his famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington 1963, he had other things in mind than content on the internet.

Yet in some ways, the same or similar people are advocating civil rights these days, unfortunately still along a racist divide as well, but growingly also on other battlegrounds, such as intellectual copyright and privacy.

And some of the loudest voices especially focus on (not) paying for just about anything, including content.
Paying – once only – for goods is something for the days of ere, it seems.
At the same time, folks sometimes don’t realise they are paying still, though be it in a slightly different way or hidden behind a veil of marketing buzz words.

Let’s be honest, freemium is not free. Besides the ads we all have to endure, our private data are being shamelessly sold.
Instead of Bitcoin, personal data is the new currency much more widely traded.

While so many are no longer paying as faithful church-going parishioners, their doctor bills are running up and absenteeism at work takes its toll on productivity. A life on social media apparently can only provide as much.

But why complain? There’s no such thing as a free lunch, is there?
In spite of extreme public popularity, incumbents as well as socially concerned citizens criticise or have their doubts about the likes of BnB or Uber. The question ‘Are these kind of companies beneficial symbionts or piggybacking parasites?’ is still left wide open.

Maybe Uber will sooner or later become Ganz Unten & Nirgendwo, who knows?
Or new adaptations of its use, like in Paris, France will show a new and beneficial way.

Slaves of the Internet, Unite! by Tim Kreider
Amazon is planning to open 300-400 PHYSICAL book stores.
Uber: a route out of the French banlieues


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