One Ugly Duckling, And One Only


On our traditional after-late-breakfast-Sunday-morning stroll with our toddler today, we saw a small brood of tiny ducklings, paddling along in the water.

There were two things uncommon about this sight: first, there seemed to be no mother duck around. But maybe she was keeping a watchful eye from a distance. Secondly, and far more bizarrely, the brood was headed by a white specimen.

At the distance we were, and my eyesight, in spite of glasses, not being very sharp at all, I couldn’t quite make out one hundred percent sure whether it was a duck or not.
And neither could the misses.
Supported and at times trapped by our common cultural heritage, my mind logically wandered to the fairytale of the Ugly Duckling.
Were we witnessing an enactment here?
Was it a swan, adopted by ducks, on its way to glorified beauty?
What didn’t fit the picture was that the little white bird was leading and not following the raft.

Ready to fit reality to the theory instead of the other way around, I assumed that they had just turned, temporarily causing this unnatural situation.

Proud of having solved the disturbing paradox with a simple, logical and plausible explanation, I complacently and benevolently continued my journey.

Upheld beliefs were there to be confirmed, as such reassuring us all in this ever-changing and unsettling world.

One Ugly Duckling, and one only.
Nothing more, nothing less.

P.S.: Yes, I should definitely buy a phone with a better camera. The current one only blurs my vision. 😉


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