Grinding Salt


There is something new to learn every single day. Frequently the newness is related to the unexpected character of the new knowledge. Every now and then, it even goes against the grain of everything you knew before.

The past decennium, coffee mania has been fed by techies from Silicon Valley.
And although we in Europe currently drink less coffee than a hundred years before, it’s difficult to blame the Americans for this hype since they had to suffer Starbuck’s for so long as the epitome of coffee making.

That being said, I’ve been owning a manual coffee grinder for a couple of years now. This hand-cranked workhorse is one of the best birthday gifts ever, one received from my wife.
It provides me with my daily workout every morning, ere I can enjoy my first cup of the day.

Whenever I’m lazy or am totally lacking time because I got up to late and must hurry to catch a train, I turn the grind adjustment ring down.
Grinding the same amount of beans like every morning, now takes me less than halve of the time it usually takes.
Yet with the resulting grind being much coarser, the water also rushes through in less time, and I am punished for my laziness by having to drink a weaker and less tasty coffee.

When in high spirits, with no urgent matters to pressure me, I turn the wheel up, as far up as it may go. Grinding coffee beans this way can even make the grind so thin, that an espresso machine cannot handle it properly.
The individual particles stick together so tightly that it becomes difficult to get it all out of the collecting box and out of the grinder itself.

My eldest son was the one who broadened my knowledge the other day.
‘Dad’, he said, ‘you ought to put some coarse sea salt in your grinder once in while to clear out the left over particles. After all, left-over ground coffee can make any cup turn sour.’
I listened in disbelief at the oddity of his suggestion, because who in his right mind would come up with an idea like that?

But as I’m not averse to a little experiment (and of course, because I already knew he tends to be quite sure of his case on previous occasions), I complied.
Am I happy that I did!
What came out after grinding only a little bit of coarse sea salt was simply astounding.

And so it is with our minds: grinding some salt within our minds might be extremely beneficial for cleaning out the sour making leftovers from the past.
It may definitely improve our taste to enjoy life’s full flavour.


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