A Leap of Faith


In a leap year, on the bissextus, February 29, it seems only natural that we are more than on any other day inclined to take a leap of faith.
And that is exactly what the misses and me did when we took our son to hospital this morning.

The planned procedure, myringotomy (from Latin myringa “eardrum”), involves placing ear tubes (i.e. tiny cylinders) through the ear drums to allow air into the middle ear.
The objective is to relieve pressure caused by excessive buildup of fluid, or to drain pus from the middle ear.
In case of our boy, it is intended to prevent him from having severe acute otitis media with effusion (OME) over and over again, each time causing him severe pain and fever while forcing us to administer antibiotics.
Frequent OME with rupture of the ear drum may lead to permanent damage to the ear drum, resulting in hearing loss and for smaller children, it may even hinder their speech development as well.

So we didn’t really have a choice now did we? Not after three episodes in two months time.

Yet this morning, having to leave our precious twenty month old toddler behind, in a room filled with masked men and women, did require quite some trust on my part.
It required nothing less than a leap of faith, on the bissextus of this leap year 2016.
I listened go the doctor’s advice.
Let’s hope, from now on, our son will listen to ours.
Or is that a leap too far?

Extra: On the Eustachian tube


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