On Indigenous People & Diversity in Decline


Because I studied Japanese at university many years ago, I am somewhat familiar with certain aspects of the Japanese culture, besides the language as such.

Naturally I’ve heard and read about the Ainu before. The Ainu case is exemplary for the circumstances many indigenous people have faced when they were confronted with the invasion by another ethnic group.

This kind of confrontation never boded well for the indigenous folk. Ranging from discrimination over suppression to extermination; these were the treatments they experienced at the hands of the invaders.

Yet even when mixed marriages were acceptable to the dominant society, most often the final outcome was not positive for the natives: people with distinctive (read: racial) physical features gradually disappeared from sight through assimilation.

Rituals, customs, languages vanish from the earth. Dialects are usually among the first casualties.

Some may argue that this is some form of Darwinian evolution. Only the best fitting ones survive. Yet that is not the case at all. Please, let us not make semi-scientific excuses for a power-hungry mankind which is to blame for leaving us with a world poorer in diversity than it was before.
A species that carries ‘wise’ twice in its scientific name ought to know better.


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