On Dentists. And Getting Things Done.


Are dentists just plumbers and periodontologists mere butchers?
It certainly looks so, when you consider the manner in which they are operating.
Just like surgeons,  they focus much more on the ‘do’-aspects and they always prefer intervening over wait and see.
They relish to get it done and over with.
Certainly patience is not their forte.
This thought struck me as I was laying – yet again – in the periodontologist’s chair…
Catching the tartar – in your mouth that is – could be so much more scientific, so much more exploratory, so much more relevant.
Instead of cutting, slashing, drilling, instead of mere mechanical scaling and polishing the pockets in your gums while filling their own, they might focus on intentionally changing your saliva composition: Should you change your diet? What about leaving out the chewing gum for a while?
Trying out a holistic approach of the micro  climate in your oral cavity might even bring them more professional satisfaction, as well as more income.
They would be working with nature rather than working against it, fighting it, setting it straight or forcibly correcting it.
But alas: Pocket money is so easily earned.
For the time being, you will have to let them handle your twenty four (if you’re that lucky still) horses set upon a bridge in their own way.
Because since you have no teeth in relation to your dentist, you’ll have to use your gums instead.


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