Kaze tachinu – 風立ちぬ


‘The Wind Rises’ is a Japanese animated movie by the Ghibli Studios about the life and especially the dreams of the Mitsubishi Zero – design engineer, Horikoshi Jirō (堀越 二郎).

Two main themes keep returning:
  – his dreams about flying during which he always encounters the Italian aircraft designer Count “Gianni” Caproni, apparently his idol & source of  inspiration;
  – the tragedies he suffers & the sacrifices he brings in his personal life in order to make his professional dream – designing a fast plane – come true.

Some will consider this movie to romanticize  a pernicious Japanese period and mindset.
To me, based on my limited knowledge of the Japanese mind & soul – nihon damashi, the portrait painted here actually seems very reliable in all its childish assumptions, from both the engineer and the movie producer alike.



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