Lemon Zest


When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.
That is the advise the proverb has in stock for you.
Turn something sour into something sweet.

But what if all that you could see was just another lemon tree?
Watching out of your room window at the blue hotel?

Imagine you had some serious troubles with your eyesight.
Maybe the lemons weren’t even there and they were nothing more than a fata morgana, a mirage?

Instead of practising your kitchen skills wouldn’t it be wiser to see an ophthalmologist or a shrink?

Forget the lemonade.
Go for lemon zest.
I’m pretty certain Jamie Oliver would approve.
It will add flavour to your life.
You’ll have keen relish, hearty enjoyment, gusto.
Lemon taste included.


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