Love is blind. And as it appears, so is man.

The Curious Monkey netsuke

Love is blind. And as it appears, so is man.If searching is all about looking with an open mind, then finding definitely is about seeing clearly.

The archetypal man, the sophisticated end-product of a fierce and stringent darwinian selection process, shows only a few, minor flaws. The flaws apparently were conserved to mitigate the almost self-evident air of perfection, so that the opposite sex would not be embarrassed too much by its own frailty.

The peculiar flaw we’ll discuss here concerns the skill of finding stuff.

The archetypal man can not find anything by himself alone.

As a child, he calls out to his mother.

He does not call out to his sisters. That would not be beneficial to their education.

As a youngster/teenager, he relies on his girlfriend.

This is one of the qualifying features in the selection process of finding a spouse.

As a husband and/or father, he calls his wife to the rescue.

His children are still toddlers when they have already given up on him.

The effect this has on his daughter(s) has not been scientifically researched yet.

Preliminary ramifications of the effect are all negative.

Maybe it’s about time to reconsider the theory of the prehistoric man as a hunter-gatherer.

The odds for an extinction of the species clearly are astronomically high.

If that theory were to be true, humankind could never have come so far.

Love is blind.

And as it appears, so is man.


See also: Vive la différence.



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