Is The Economist going soft in the head?
And do readers still read the articles or do they stick to ‘headlines only’?

The link to the article ‘Might not give a dam’ does NOT correspond to the subtext
‘The prospect of building a dam in China may open the proverbial floodgates for opposition to Chinese hydropower’.

The current article deals with hydropower plans for the Mekong by Laos & the negative reactions to those plans by the MRC (Mekong River Commission) (including China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand).

A previous article in 2010 however did discuss the Chinese hydropower plans for the Salween, the Mekong and the Yangzi.

As in both articles indicated, the downstream countries, such as Vietnam, are those who have the most to lose.

Note: after noticing their mistake, the Economist re-posted the article with the correct caption & link on their Facebook page … letting followers start liking & commenting on the same article. Again.


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